Color In Pop Culture

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America has been considered as the wonderland with great opportunities, education and endless jobs. It is the place where different people from around the world wish to come and settle for their entire life. Therefore, issues between white and people of color is always a hot and sensitive controversy. These issues constantly happen in our daily which includes our work environment, and pop culture, no exceptions. I think that this is what Klosterman wants to express. He believes that there is a wall of performance style between white and people of color in pop culture. “Americans have become conditioned to believe the world is a gray place without absolutes; this is because we’re simultaneously cowardly and arrogant. We don’t know the answers …show more content…

In pop culture, others such as hip-hop culture and Latin culture co-exist and influence one another by the tune. Therefore, pop culture is not specifically narrowed down to being white. In music, the artists sometimes use other culture’s style to get the inspiration for their new music by bringing different feelings to the listeners. Not only that, something new and refreshing is good; It keeps fans and listeners interested and intrigued by providing something more refreshing. This keeps their music from becoming bland and fans becoming bored. By mixing music from different cultures together, it creates a new sound; Something unique. For instance, Justin Bieber is a young white pop star, but by growing up as Usher’s protégé, his dance moves contain an urban twist to it, therefore he is a successful black pop artist. Over the past few years, Justin Bieber’s style started to become influenced by other cultures. When he first started off his career, he used to wear simple clothing such as plain t-shirts with jeans and a basic pair of sneakers. As time flies by, he became more popular and began to collaborate with other artists from different cultures. Eventually, his wardrobe changed completely to a street style. Ripped jeans, sagging pants, headbands, baggy t-shirts are examples of clothing …show more content…

"Publishers" or in Klosterman's words, "They are not publicists! They are just everyday people, and they are some of the people I am trying to understand reality alongside" page 172 may criticize that the director or artist of the material doesn't actually know it. For instance, Oliver Stone's movie, Heaven and Earth takes place during The Vietnam war. It could be criticized that some events in the movie didn't actually happen the way he portrays. It could be pointed out, "How could an American know the pain of the Vietnam war from a Vietnamese person's point of

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