Color Should Not Be Ignored

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Ayanna Mcknight
Theater 101C
Professor Metzger
June 6, 2016
Color Should Not Be Ignored The other day in my stage combat class my instructor invited a former casting director to speak to us, a group of aspiring actors. This guy was a loud, short and chubby, middle-aged White man, who had a very sarcastic attitude and a weird sense of humor; however he seemed to be very informed. Everything went south when he asked if anyone had questions. A fellow classmate of mine innocently raised his hand and asked, "What do you think about the issue of race and diversity in the…" and before he could fully articulate his question, the man very loudly cuts him off and dismissed his question as a "dumb question." He then proceeded to yell "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COLOR IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ANYMORE!" The definition of his uninformed comment is called Color-blind ideology. People who believe in the validity of color-blindness also believe that the best way to end discrimination is by treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to race, culture, or ethnicity (Color-blind Ideology Is a Form of Racism, Williams). Thus, casting directors believe that by becoming color-blind, they are therefore creating equal opportunity for everyone. Howbeit, I must disagree. Color-blind ideologies mean that you must ignore the maltreatment and adversity of people of color face because of the color of their skin, which inherently means your not doing anything to fix it. Albeit…
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