Essay about Colors from the Darkness: Kandinsky's Painting

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It was like looking at a burst of color on a dark black background when I first really focus on looking at the painting made by Kandinsky. The colors weren’t dancing around freely; they were controlled quite well, with shades, dark to light for each swipe of color with the paintbrush. Somehow, it reminds me of a little three-years-old kid painting his/her first painting with his/her unstable little hands. (I’m not saying the painting is ugly, it just looks so childish, but the pictures were painted maturely in a strange way. Maybe it is because the pictures were delicate and beautiful, not like a three-years-old painting.)
There were only colors in Kandinsky’s painting. The many pictures in the painting were colors representing them by
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In the beginning, I thought the overview of the painting looked like it was an orchestra, but as soon as I turned around and looked back, I saw two men who were looking like they were wrestling on a stage which strung with ropes by the corners in the air with the audience under them. I blinked once; and the wrestlers were gone, replaced by a giant water squid, a rat and a man with iron metal sticks struck through his chest. Sometimes, my imagination would wander off and suddenly, the iron metal sticks would turn into and become strings of a guitar or a violin. I was confused. How can colors represent many things at once? Sometimes, the pictures and colors were all mixed up and swirling around that it didn’t make any sense anymore. I would just stare at the painting, dark black shadows in the corners, with bright cheerful colors in the center. Kandinsky really had a talent in those hands of his. His made his painting, which was no special than swipes of paintbrushes on a piece of paper, looked so beautiful and comes to life when you stare at it for a certain amount of time. I just didn’t quite understand how Kandinsky painted that painting and made it a masterpiece out of a piece of paper with some watercolor and a paintbrush. I think Kandinsky should share his knowledge by becoming an art teacher. Inevitably, I vouch that he would become the most famous art teacher in his time. Many students from around the world would go and
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