Comic Books And Television Gave Birth To A Fascination

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Comic books and television gave birth to a fascination with superheroes. Superheroes are people with extraordinary powers or financial privileges who defend civilization against crimes and villains of all kinds without hesitation. For example, Batman is a superhero who solved riddles and defeated an enemy who sought to deceive people and bring about their demise. He fought and defeated several other arch-nemeses who desired to destroy the city of Gotham and slaughter its residents. In The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman fought his final battle, and died a substitutionary death. He carried a nuclear bomb away from the city of Gotham that his enemy intended to destroy the city, thus dying in the place of Gotham’s residents. Furthermore, …show more content…

14:21-22; Jos. 3:15-16; Jos. 10:13). Furthermore, the New Testament provides evidence that links Jesus to the act of creation. John, Paul, and the author of Hebrews describe Jesus as the Creator, Sustainer, and the One whom all things exist (John 1:1-5; Col. 1:15-19; Heb. 1:1-4). Yet, for a short time, Jesus chose to bound himself by the time-space continuum when he became man and made a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin. During said time, many of the gospel writers recorded a situation when Jesus commanded raging seas to become calm and they obeyed (Matt. 8:23-37; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25). Furthermore, the gospel writers record Jesus physically walking on the seas (Matt. 14:22-36; Mark 6:45-56). Therefore, both Old Testament and New Testament writers confirm Jesus’ role in creation and his sovereignty over all nature, thus making him a modern-day superhero. Second, one characteristic of a superhero is his/her willingness to surrender his/her life in the place of another. Jesus displayed his willingness to surrender his life for others when he died a horrific death in died on the place of sinners. Jesus’ death was necessary, whereas superhero’s deaths can be avoided. Jesus’ death is necessary because God’s people broke their harmonious relationship with him as a result of disobedience. In fact, Paul compares sinners to a dead body because of their sin (Eph. 2:1). However, Jesus became a man of suffering and bore the pain and problems of humanity without

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