Coming Of Age In The First Part Last By Angela Johnson

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I’m going to be proving in this essay if Bobby, the main character in the novel, the First Part Last by Angela Johnson, actually “came of age” and also explore the symbols related. The “coming of age” theme doesn’t have to be what you interpret from reading the story. I will be going to go into depth into this particular theme. Bobby is 18 years old and lives with his separated parents, Mary and Fred. Nia is Bobby’s girlfriend, who is about the same age as her boyfriend. Most of the influential characters are African American according to what is implied and stated in the story. Other more minor but still important characters I’ll be also discussing are Nia’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. wilkins, paul, one of Bobby’s siblings,and Bobby’s best friends K-boy and J.L. So let's see if i can backup my opinion on the question, did bobby really mature by the end of The First Part Last? It seems to me that Bobby did mature. First let's see if we can interpret what bobby thinks has or hasn’t happened to him over the course of his journey. Bobby at the very beginning of the story knows he has to become more mature, probably because at that time in the story his baby is 11 days old so he feels the stress of a new teen parent. He states,“things have to change,” Bobby also says “things already have changed.” What exactly doesn't it mean to “come of age?” to know whether Bobby has changed in this way or not we have to understand what it means, even if it means something different for each of

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