Common Mistakes Of Filipino Seafarers

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which pushes him to go for sailing again. As a result, essential time is lost when a lot of contribution can be made to his savings. By the time he realizes about the amount of money needed, he already has a family and several expenses to shoulder (Marine Insight, 2017).
Common Mistakes of Seafarers

Times are changing and so are shipowners and requirements of seafarers. Just because their salaries have not increased in real terms does not mean that the cost of living on shore has not increased. In fact, the cost of living, medical expenses and also the life aspirations on shore have gone up substantially. Unless they plan our finances wisely and realistically we could be in for a serious shock in our later lives. Seafarers often do not plan for their own medical …show more content…

Maritime industry creates good impact on Philippines economy thru the help of Filipino modern heroes also known as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Filipino seafarers are competitive among others due on reliable and hardworking personality. Despite of that, maritime industry provides a lot of challenges on each individual which is part of the industry and it is entitled as one of the most critical jobs around the world. This study focusses on the challenges may encountered of Filipino seafarers on board in order to propose work-life balance. With intent to help Filipino seafarers to improve their way on how they handle daily life on and off the vessel. The researchers used descriptive study to provide naturally occurring health status, behavior, attitude, or other characteristic of particular group. Utilizing the data gathered obtained from 80 seafarers from Magsaysay Training Center with the used of primary data gathering tool which is a researcher made instrument. Findings reveal that majority of Filipino seafarers are preferred male

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