Communication And Communication : Analysis Of Carnival Cruise Lines Communications

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The cruise industry, and Carnival specifically, has seen its share of difficult situations and resulting bad press in recent years. The analysis of Carnival Cruise Lines communications show some strong points and some points that are opportunities for improvement. The company’s key leaders affect the organization’s communications presenting a unified front and concern for guest satisfaction, as well as investor profits. Organizational operations interact with the environment by way of contributions, data, and production at the communication department. Its mission, vision, and goals seem to indicate the company relies on its large size to provide for passengers and its investors, however serving two masters can sometimes mean conflict.…show more content…
It uses inputs, throughputs and outputs at the communication department to create public relations that orchestrates how the companies is viewed by the public. The organization’s mission, vision, and goals seem to indicate the company relies on its large size to provide for their guests and its shareholders, however serving two masters can sometimes mean conflict. In Business Communication: Developing Leaders For A Networked World, Peter Cardon refers to conflict as a source of difficulty or strength of the team depending on how it’s perceived. Common areas of emphasis on team assessments are a focus on results, communication climate (including conflict resolution), accountability, commitment, and trust. (Cardon 76) The reviews from employees reveal the organizations culture (e.g., work environment, morale of employees) to be one of reasonable pay for reasonable work, but the employee reviews don’t seem to indicate people love the company enough to stay put for a long time. When people are not happy in their jobs conflict can ensue. “Incivility erodes organizational culture and can escalate into conflict.” (Cardon 58) Prior to 2013, the company seems to have operated each of its brands independently. When the new CEO was brought on in 2013, Donald recognized the company was in crisis and decide fundamental changes in the culture were necessary. Dennis Schaal
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