Communication Is The Largest Single Factor That Determines The Kind Of Relationships? Essay

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What is communication?
Communication is the largest single factor that determines the kind of relationships we make and what happens to us in our world. It serves as a tool to measure and change one another’s self-concept. During our lifetime we not only give and receive information, but we also make meanings out of it. Communication is considered a behavior because it is learned mostly in our family of origin. When we are born we have no self-concept, we do not know how to interact with others nor experience on how to deal with the world around us. Because communication patterns are learned, they can also be changed (Satir, 1972).
During a communication between individuals our senses capture sounds, smells, images and even touch. The brain develops a report taking all that the senses capture. Then the individual will give meaning to that picture or report based on their past experiences and then the body will react to that process. All of these is part of an internal dialogue or process that help us become aware of our own thoughts (Satir, 1972).
Dynamic two-way process
According to Banovcinova & Levicka (2015) communication is a two way dynamic process that is influenced by numerous factors. Communication is not only influenced by the message, but also the environment that sorrunds that communciation, the relationship between those who are sharing that communication and the personal characteristics of each individual.
Gregory Bateson established that communication had
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