Taking a Look at the Kellogg's Company

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An American company, Kellogg’s was founded by Will Keith Kellogg and was formed on 19th of February 1906 as a world’s leading cereal producer that headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. This case study investigates that how Kellogg’s sets up a communication plan to achieve its goals. A good communication is an essential for the company to send out the message they want and I will determine the effectiveness of their communication plan by using most suitable medium.
According to Keyton (2011), he defines communication is a process occurs between two parties sharing their ideas, thoughts, feelings and words to each other and any problem (known as noise) happens in middle of sending message could be reduced or affected the effectiveness of communication. For example, an effective communication is exchanging information and getting response from receiver which called two-way communication. Kellogg’s devised a communication plan effectively passing the message across to the public internal and external. Communication process used by Kellogg’s is sender, encoding, selecting a medium of transmission, target audience, evaluation feedback. Firstly, sender has an idea or content that wants to share it out, and express it to a message’s form such as face expressions, actions or words by encoding. The message is a result of encoding and it can be formed to verbal or non-verbal. Then, selecting a suitable medium or channel (by telephone, memo, meeting, face-to-face)
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