Communication Project Management Plan And Communication Plan

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Communication is one of the most complicated aspects of project management. There are an infinite number of projects that has failed due to communication within the project team and the project stakeholders. Communication plan, and stakeholder management plan are one of the most important parts of project management. These two plans are the key for the project to complete successfully. There have been many organizations that do not implement or the stakeholder management plan and communication plan for their project. During the project life cycle, there are various departments such as information technology department (IT), human resources department, procurement, finance, etc. that are part of the same projects. In fact, sometimes there are also external organizations working on with the organization that has a contract to complete the project. Therefore, important to establish a proper communication plan, as well as stakeholder identification plan in order to complete projects successfully. Not implementing or following these plans can create many misunderstanding, confusions, or misinterpretation of data within the various teams involved in the project. “A study noted in InformationWeek showed that 30–40 percent of IT managers complain about communications-related data and information: receiving too much, no one sharing, and trying to decide what is current or has been previously received” (Kliem, 2008).

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