Communication Solves Issues

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Communication is an important way to resolve issues. The ways that human being communicates with each other depends on a variety of different circumstances. Circumstances such as relationships, that may get complicated because of poor communication efforts. The goal for effective communication techniques is to utilize proper listening skills and body language. The two styles of communication that is often compared when it is between male and females are instrumental and expressive. According to some researchers interactions between men and women involve them using these styles (Ashford, & LeCroy, 2013). The difference between instrumental and expressive communication is said to be based on men and women styles of communicating. According to Haas (1979) the instrumental style often used as the male’s ability to argue, instruct and dispute. In other words it is often said that men tend to use their logical mind whenever the approach an issue. Expressive communication focuses on the expression of emotions as well as having a level of sensitivity in how others feel. This type of emotions that researchers say women display because they tend to be interested in others opinions and seeks to provide support.
Instrumental communications focuses more of the male and their interest in having a more rational discussion about thing that they might be experiencing. In other words they are not quick to be emotional expressive. They tend to be more interested in solving a problem so the

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