Community College Problems

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As the rate of community college dropouts steadily increases, leaving educators and advisors at every campus scrambling for a solution, there are several problems that attendance of a community college entails for a young student. A great number of high school graduates choose to attend a community college rather than a university. However, due to various policy problems within the individual college’s educational system, many students find that the structure is flawed, deterring many students from ever finishing his or her degree. Problems that prevent students from receiving a degree from a community college include having too many “filler classes,” high tuition, and offering “too much choice and too little guidance” (Tugend 2016). I completely agree with the solutions to these problems that the article “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” presents. To increase graduation rates and create a better community college experience, schools can choose to implement programs that offer remedial classes to struggling students, cut tuition costs, and dispose of unnecessary courses.
To solve the problem of having a large number of students with subpar or failing grades, community colleges can offer remedial classes. Many community colleges rely heavily on performance from assessment tests to determine course placement of students. The problem with this, however, is that many students do not test well. Also, the pace of a regular class on a college campus

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