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In this report, I will talk about my community engagement that pertain to LGBT books for prisoners. the main goal here was to get books sent to the LGBT prisoners in the United States. The target of people they send to are queer and transgender. This program has been able to run because of the volunteers and the outside donations that they receive from the public through their advertisement on Facebook, word of mouth and throughout the community engagement with college students and through the media, this all started in a basement. The founder was Dennis Bergren he was a teacher in the Madison schools and later in his life he came out as gay. When he chooses to retire, he started to volunteer for the Outreach program which is an LGBT …show more content…

I also see that no one’s here to judge you on who you are there all have a common goal and that is all people should be treated equally no matter what their gender or identity is. Another main reason I choose this is because I feel no matter what you do in life we all make mistakes and if you have someone there to listen and guide you maybe then your choice will be different. When working alongside the other volunteers I would say it's uncomfortable not knowing anyone but they were all very pleasant people. They showed me around and introduce me to everyone there and asked me what I’d like to do and me being scared to make a mistake I said wrapping that way I can’t mess that up. What surprise me the most is how much reading material they get donated and how many authors donate their own books. Also, I thought it was going to be just books related to sexual orientation. But it was all kinds of books from educational to recreational sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we see how people can be treated in prison when they lose all the rights and what's sad is that even behind bars you’re not treated fairly. What I mean by this, here you’re in prison and lose all rights, but on top of that because you recognize with a different identity your segregated from the normal population and which it makes it harder for them to be able to equal rights with

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