Community Health Nursing

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1. Public health systems are operating within a context of ongoing changes, which exert a number of pressures on the public health system. These changes include all of the following, except: A. Health reforms B. Existing and emerging environmental hazards C. New technologies for health care D. None of the above 2. In response to the changes of the times, the UN General Assembly adopted a vision of poverty reduction and sustainable development. This is exemplified in the Millenium Development goals, which include: A. Reduce child mortality B. Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria C. Achieve universal primary education D. All of the above 3. For over forty years after…show more content…
Goal setting B. Monitoring C. Provision of data D. Evaluation of data 16. Under which step of the Planning process would choosing a possible course of action fall? A. Goal setting B. Constructing a plan of action C. Developing an operational plan D. None of the above 17. When a PHN brings activities or groups of activities systematically into proper relation or harmony, which function is she performing? A. Management function B. Collaborating and coordinating function C. Health promotion function D. Supervisory function 18. Which of the following is considered an important principle of bag technique? A. The bag should contain all necessary articles. B. The bag technique can be performed in a variety of ways. C. The arrangement of the bag’s contents should be what is convenient to the nurse. D. The bag should be cleaned very often. 19. Which of the following refers to bag technique? A. an essential and indispensable equipment of a public health nurse which should be carried along during home visits B. it contains basic medications and articles which are necessary for giving care C. a tool which the nurse will enable to perform a nursing procedure with ease, saving time and effort with the end in
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