Community Organization Intensifies Community Stability and Actions

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The need for community organizing addressing community crises is, therefore, evident and perpetual. Bill Lee (2011) suggests that a pragmatic approach to community organizing intensifies community actions addressing community crises associated with the problem of inequality, environmental degradation and crises, and economic instabilities. This paper intends to explore the influences and effects of “Pragmatic of Community organization” on innovation and vice versa.
Bill Lee identifies community as “a complex notion of the way people live and connect with each other” (Lee, B., 2011, p.20), and defines “community organization as a social intervention which seeks to maximize the ability of oppressed or disadvantaged people to take action and influence their environment: .....”(Lee B., 2011, p.100). Lee also suggests that a pragmatic community organizing should have specific objectives that include community participation, sense of community, social production (Gamble, N. D. & Weil, M., 2009, p.123), proper use of appropriate resources, and social learning in order to achieve community goal focusing upon citizen empowerment (Lee, B., 2011, p. 94).
According to Lee, pragmatic community practice adapts two approaches namely healing or traditional social work approach, and reformation or structural social work approach (Lee, B., 2011, p. 77) in order to overcome community crises associated with three perspectives such as: social,…
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