Community Planning And Community Planning

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Economic Development refers to economic growth, while economic growth refers to increase in GDP (Nafziger, 2012). Economic development requires the government’s dedications, incentives, vision, and leadership (Morgan, 2011). Smart economic development, on the other hand, leverages technology to increase efficiency, and reduce cost. It requires the government’s dedications, incentives, vision, and leadership. Public Wi-Fi, for example, can be used as a tool to connect business and citizens by supporting business transactions. Private investments and businesses play key roles in ensuring a strong economy (McConnell, Brue & Flynn, 2009). The goal of economic development is to reduce unemployment, create jobs, lower poverty, lower crime rate, and increase income, which may lead to a strong economy, better quality of life, and prosperity. Figure 2 illustrates the economic development process map. Community Planning, on the other hand, is a strategic process of creating innovative solutions to solve the community challenges, protect, and preserve the community’s assets (infrastructure, attractions, business, utilities, libraries, schools, personal properties, and the people). The goals of community planning are building a community-based sustainable food system, manage water resources and develop conservation strategies, provide decent housing for the resident, foster and expand economic opportunities, create laws, policies, zoning, and regulations, and design and build
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