Community Service Diary

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On 10/3/16 at 1838 hrs, I was dispatched to a Lewd & Lascivious Molestation call for service at PEMHS (11254 58th St, Pinellas Park, FL 33782). Dispatched advised complainant daughter was inappropriately touched by another female patient while she was at PEMHS.
I responded to Cochran residence at 6291 62nd Way N Pinellas Park, FL 33781. Upon my arrival, I made contact with the complainant, Jennifer Cochran, and the victim, Sierra Schroeder. As we started talking about the incident CPID investigator Kaitlin Stumpf arrived.
Schroeder explained on Thursday (09/29/16), she was moved from the unit into room 10 with Sydney Jones and Rashaunna Andrezil. Before it was time to go to bed, they were talking on the bed. Schroeder advised Andrezil interrupted
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Sydney and Schroeder agreed to tell each other’s parents about what happen once they got home.
After speaking with Schroeder, I went to PEMHS to make contact with Janna Rippy, a medical technician and Jeanne Finan, the head nurse. Both subjects advised Andrezil, Jones and Schroeder were in a room together on 09/28/16. Rippy explained Schroeder and Jones came to her the evening of 09/28/16, claiming Andrezil was making them feel uncomfortable. Rippy advised the girls never went into detail about the incident and never mentioned anything about inappropriate touching. Rippy was able to show me the documentation of the complaint on 09/28/16.The log stated Schroeder and Jones came to her with a complaint of feeling uncomfortable with Andrezil in there room. The log stated Andrezil was removed from room 10 and placed in the units.
When questioned about someone receiving medication because of incident on 09/30/16, Finan advised Kevonna Lee was given medication because she got into an altercation with Andrezil. The medicine was used to sedate Lee after she refused to calm down.
Rippy advised there are no cameras in the rooms, only in the units and restraint
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She explained she had no idea that an incident occurred on 09/29/16. Neumann advised the only incident she has documented is Lee getting into a physical altercation with Andrezil on 09/30/16. After talking to all parties at PEMHS, I went to Osceola Middle school to speak with Sydnee Jones. Upon arrival, I made contact with Jones in an office. Jones stated that on 09/28/16, Andrezil was grabbing her breasts and rubbing her thighs. Jones advised this incident took place when they were all sitting on the bed. I asked Jones if they had clothes on she stated yes. Jones advised she told Andrezil to stop but she continued anyway. Jones advised this went on for an unknown amount of time. Jones then left the room with Schroeder and told Rippy about Andrezil touching them inappropriately. Jones stated she did not go into detail about the touching when they informed the staff. Andrezil was removed from the room by staff.
Jones explained on 09/30/16 before quiet hour, a nurse told Andrezil to go back into her room and she went into room 10, Schroeder and Jones indicated that they were worried due to the previous days behavior. When Andrezil came back into the room, she started touching Jones on her breasts and thighs while calling them “cuddle buddies.” Andrezil started lying on their laps while they were sitting on their
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