Companies Should Stores To Use Cell Phone Tracking

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People say cell phone tracking is wrong for stores to do that.Do you think stores can do this?There's a problem in the world that some people don’t like.That problem is stores are using cell phone tracking to learn about their customers and deliver bargains. I think that it’s good for stores to use cell phone tracking.You make ask me why,but i’ll say that it’s good.They can learn about you and deliver bargains.They will send you coupons on your favorite item.They could also just be watching the store to make sure you don’t steal anything from them.Cell phone tracking isn’t bad,it could prevent your favorite store from closing its doors.Cell phone tracking makes the store look better,because they can improve display and popular merchandise.If you don’t enjoy it then don’t bring your phone in the store or don’t bring your phone at all problem solved!Also if their is a long line and you don't want to be there all day, then they will open a new streamline checkout line.
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