Company Analysis : Apple Inc Essay

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Company Analysis Company Overview Incorporated in 1977, Apple Inc. started as a partnership between Steve Jobs and John Wozniak. They started out making a box that could make long distance calls at no cost. This grew into creating computers (known as the Macintosh) and continued to grow into one of the top smartphone sellers today with a strong base of loyal customers. Currently operating both domestically and internationally, Apple specializes in mobile technologies such as laptops (Macbook), cell phones (iPhone), music players(iPod), etc. According to the Apple company website, they strive to be a “reflection of the world around [them]” (Diversity). This shows Apple is working to diversify their workforce, but it also can tie into them creating or improving their products to fit their current customers’ needs. Apple uses 99% recycled paper to make their packaging to help reduce waste and uses over 90% of renewable energy to power their operations (Environment). This shows dedication to helping improve the environment which is of great concern in society today. Overall, Apple is a company dedicated to not only making products that satisfy their customers, but they put great thought in the process of making the products by trying to reduce their carbon footprint and create a diverse workplace. Industry Analysis Legal/Economic: Tax laws recently changed in Europe causing some companies to have to pay back taxes. Tariffs on IPhones in Europe can get up to around 20%.

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