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Apple Inc. Kenya Jordan, Ashley Kirschmann, Etta Stewart, Leah Monego, Rodrigo Ramos ACC/280 March 27, 2011 Glenn Purcell Executive Summary for Apple, Inc. Company History Apple Inc. is a corporation that designs and manufactures computer hardware, software and other consumer electronic products. The company is known for the Macintosh personal computers, iTunes media applications and the iPod personal music players. Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs, both college dropouts. In 1976, Wozniak and Jobs created the Apple I computer which did not have a keyboard or power supply for a computer hobbyist club. Later that summer Wozniak started his development of the Apple II, which …show more content…

(Funding Universe, 2011). Assets and Account Payables Apple, Inc. (APPL) operates under a fiscal year accounting period. This period consists of the 52 (or 53) week period that ends on the last Saturday of September. September 25 was the specific date observed as the end of the annual reporting period for 2009 and 2010. Every six years Apple adds an additional week in its first fiscal quarter in an effort to realign its fiscal quarters with calendar quarter. Apple’s annual report, as submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Form 10-K, lists its total assets as $47,501 for fiscal year 2009 and $75,183 for fiscal year 2010. Its largest asset for the same two years was $18,201 in short-term marketable securities in 2009 and $25,391 in long-term marketable securities in 2010. Accounts payable listed as $5,601 in 2009 and $12,015 in 2010. All figures are noted in millions (Apple, Inc. Annual Report). Apple does not report taxes collected from its customers that are paid to governmental authorities. Apple’s 2010 annual report lists cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities valued in 2010 as $51,011 million and in 2009 as $33,992 million. Total current assets in the year of 2010 were $41,678 million and for the year ending 2009 were $31,555 million. Current assets are listed in the order

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