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Position and Ability to Compete Aramark S&E, according to their company profile, caters to 100 million sports fans through partnerships with 149 professional and collegiate teams (Aramark, 2016). The company has a very strong ability to compete on analytics within this space. Transactional, labor, food cost, customer data and several other data types have been collected and warehoused over the past 5 years. Analytical tools are continuously being developed to improve the understanding of the stadium operation and how to properly optimize all aspects of functions of the business unit. Senior management has committed to enterprise wide analytics to continue to make Aramark S&E better for the fan as well as the shareholders. Pillars of Analytic Competition In Competing on Analytics by Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris, the pillars of analytic completion are stated as: “(1) analytics supported a strategic, distinctive capability; (2) the approach to and management of analytics was enterprise-wide; (3) senior management was committed to the use of analytics; and (4) the company made a significant strategic bet on analytics-based competition” (Davenport & Harris, 2007, pp. 511-512) . This section will describe Aramark’s position within these pillars. Support of a Strategic, Distinctive Capability Aramark S&E is consistently exploring new ways to both improve operations and the fan experience within the venues within its portfolio. The team has already identified

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