Comparative Analysis: Process Capability Index

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Process Capability Indices
In this chapter a detailed review on certain results and methods of Variables Sampling plan based on Cpmk Process Capability Index for product acceptance determination.
Process Capability Index
Process capability analysis has grow into most important and integrated part in the applications and statistical process control to continuous improvement of quality and productivity.
Process Capability Indices (PCIs) Process capability indices (PCIs) are also known as Process capability ratios (PCRs). PCIs are used as an significant tools for illustrating the process excellence. In order to calculate the process capability numerically, PCIs have been developed. PCIs are mostly used in Process specifications as well as Process variability. The use of PCIs are essential as they are Statistical indicators of the Process capability. PCIs are also defined as the quantitative indicators relate the performance of process or product characteristic to the specifications. Similarly, PCIs are used to regulate how well the process executes with respect to specifications and they express the capacity of the process to meet these specifications, as a unique …show more content…

Often used measures of performance are the PCIs, which relate the natural tolerance limits of a process to the specification limits. In practice, Cp, Cpk, Cpm are some of the broadly used PCIs. Process Capability index Cp Cp index is also known as Process potential index, or Process capability ratio, or Inherent capability index, and two-sided PCI for two-sided specifications, such that, the process is having both lower and upper specification limits. Cp is often used in engineering situation in order to express process capability in a modest quantitative way.
The Cp index is defined

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