Compare And Contrast We The Animals And The Woman Warrior

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Comparative Essay on We the Animals and The Woman Warrior In a literature world, some authors like to make up stories for fiction, and some authors collect facts to document information for non-fiction. As times had passed, there were many authors who would like to change their works, specifically non-fiction, a little bit by being creative, either by exaggerating the truth or creating an unnamed narrator based on the author himself or herself. There were two bestselling novels, We the Animals by Justin Torres and The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, that contain similar writing components, even though one is semi-biography and another is a memoir. However, both of the authors have the same idea of their inspiration for their …show more content…

We were six snatching hands, six stomping feet; we were brothers, boys, three little kings locked in a feud for more” (Torres 1). This was a great way to start the book because he described those three brothers as chaotic like a bunch of wild, untamed animals, but that is how boys would be most likely to act this way. Since he grew up with his brothers, he must have been knowing his brothers very close, as if they are best friends with each other. Having siblings would be the best part of a childhood when it comes to family first. For Kingston and her family, she had discovered something, or someone, that was surprising in her first chapter, “No Name Woman,” of The Woman Warrior, “‘You must not tell anyone,’ my mother said, ‘what I am about to tell you. In China your father had a sister who killed herself. She jumped into the family well. We say that your father has all brothers because it is as if she had never been born’” (Kingston 3). As the beginning of her storytelling from memory, it showed that Kingston’s late aunt was the first significant woman in her life because she represented a mysterious yet a forgotten woman without a name. After hearing her mom’s narration, Kingston, who was interested in her late aunt, could have felt that deep connection with her when she appeared as a ghostly figure because she had been ignored and shunned by her own family. In other words, even though her dad and her uncles claimed that she did not exist,

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