Compare And Contrast The Medical Model

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described as holistic (Ryan et al., 2006). The medical model was the overriding philosophy in social care and managed care settings up to recent times. The most common criticism of the medical model is that it views the individual as the problem. The medical model then assumes a more mechanical view of illness and indeed health, illness is purely a fault in the machine and diagnoses are formulated about functional and structural failings of that machine. Concepts of mind, family and social environment are not viewed as having much relevance or real impact on the machine. Thus, the person, the body, and ultimately the machine, is thought to function autonomously (Zigmond, 1976).

Sometimes viewed as the opposing view, but often used in conjunction with the medical model is the social model. The social model is then based on the latter of the two hypotheses described by Ryan et al. (2006). Health is understood within a social framework, problems are reframed and placed within the wider view, where the creation of an unequal, unequitable society are as much part of the problem. The social model is also at the heart of the human rights based approach to service delivery and would assert that society needs then to change to accommodate the individual with special needs, or disability. As well as having needs a disabled personal for example, also has rights, choice and control, and in
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It is then incumbent on the social care worker to protect the health and well-being of people in their care. Moreover, influence and key ideas are also demonstrated by the Health Service Executive having a health and well-being division that espouses the support of people and communities to protect and improve their health and well-being (Coru,
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