Compare And Contrast The Biomedical Model Of Health

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The biomedical model is a model of health which lays emphasis on the biological and physical aspects of diseases and is mostly used by doctors or health professionals and is associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diseases. while Health psychology is the study of the role of psychology in any physical health problem ranging from coughs and colds to cancer, coronary heart disease, HIV, obesity, and diabetes. (The psychology of health and illness. Ogden, J. (2012).it will talk about the various stages of health linked to the case study of Fatima who suffered from fatigue and hypertension and even elaborating on the varicose theoretical frameworks used in health psychology. the question here is can the case study be linked to the…show more content…
With the tradition biomedical model individuals are not responsible for their illnesses and their treatment lies in chemotherapy, vaccination and surgery with the medical professional responsible for treatment and their illnesses may have psychological consequences and no psychological cause. unlike in health psychology were it is believe that illness result from a combination of biological , psychological and social causes .here the patient is responsible for their illnesses and here the person is psychologically treated by encouraging changes in beliefs and coping strategies in compliance to medical health psychology the victim is partly responsible for his or her treatment, he or she takes the responsibility to take his drugs and change his or her beliefs or behaviors .health psychology contributes to the psychological consequences as well as the
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