Compare Foebel And Montesssoel

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My assignment is based on two well known theorists that are known around the world, and are praised for their work , Maria Montessori and Friedrich Froebel. Both known for their educational approach to teach children the basics of life in a fun, entertaining manner. The assignment will be broken down into 3 parts , their philosophy of early childhood care and education , their contribution to early childhood education in terms of their implementation and approach , and then finally my own reflections about their work and who fit in better with my own personal attitudes, beliefs and values.
1. The philosophy of the chosen theorists.

Montessori philosophy is based on the idea that children were distinctly different from adults. …show more content…

Tovey (2017) suggested that Froebel understood that children were powerful learners and were motivated to discover and be interested about the world and to try and understand it. The same author wrote that Froebel believed that learning should be significant and related to the children's own experiences.
Froebel believed that children learn best while using their hands ( Shields,2016)
2.Their contribution to early childhood education in terms of their approach and implementation
Friedrich Froebel invented Kindergarten , meaning garden of children , over 170 years ago .''His play gifts were the original educational and the first tools for child development'' (Froebel USA,2012) . His gifts were also called occupations.
Gifts and occupations is the terms used to describe the particular equipment created specifically for children to manipulate in logical and orderly patterns (Hook,2014)
Elkind (2015) indicates that Froebel's first gift was giving a ball to the infant. The author also suggests that Froebel argued that children of all ages are attracted to the ball and also argued that the ball - the sphere- represents a union both at the concrete and abstract

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