Comparing Bottlerack, Barnett Newman's Eve And Ana Mendieta

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The three works that will be compared are Marcel Duchamp’s Bottlerack, Barnett Newman’s Eve and Ana Mendieta’s Silueta. Placed together the pieces show us three varying genres, each from different periods in the twentieth century. Between the artists we also see obvious connections in how they have challenged the spectator, and the art world alike, in viewing their art. All artists removed ‘something’, be it a body in Silueta or the ‘purpose’ of the Bottlerack and Eve’s figurative form or vanishing point. All were met with a critique of the processes in which their work were produced and likewise they also received admiration for their forward thinking, progressive art. There is a noticeable difference in the creative processes that have taken place to produce these works. Duchamp, it could be argued, has taken the least time in ‘producing’ or ‘creating’ his Bottlerack. After all, Duchamp was the inventor “…of the readymade…” (Gaiger, 2003. p.63). Also call an ‘unassisted readymade’ where the artist has not interfered with or altered the object and we are asked to appreciate the object, as it stands before us. …show more content…

We see the challenges they have faced in pushing the art world beyond the accepted and experimenting with something new. The artists have offered us a new experience, one which asks us to reflect upon their works. One that seeks us to return to our most basic thoughts, to being that “Man’s hand tracing a stick through the mud to make a line…” (Newman, 2002. p.574). To see art as a means of communication through expressive forms that contradict, and challenge, our reactions to what we see and hold as real in everyday life. To summarise, these artists have shown us the innovative journey their art has taken through the twentieth century, giving us an opportunity to establish new skills in interpreting

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