Comparing Fool For Love And Sam Shepard

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Reading Evanescence, or Shakespeare in the Alley for the first time was confusing to say the least. From the falling watermelons to Shakespeare himself carrying a dead body across the stage, it doesn’t initially make much sense, but, after reading it over a few more times an idea started to emerge. It seems that the woman is talking about a lost love. Probably her husband. She talks about how they became so lost in their lust for each other that they no longer saw the end that is inevitably coming. It has clearly left her heartbroken as she has to pause several times, overcome with emotion, to compose herself. Towards the end of the play I began to think that perhaps she is in a meeting with him to negotiate their divorce. Shepard says that…show more content…
With his background as a military child he must have seen a lot of things and heard a lot of real stories as he moved from base to base with his family. He must have, somewhere along the line, decided that people needed to hear those stories, regardless of how hard they are to hear. It seems he decided that he didn't want to lie to people about how love and life really is as Shakespeare and countless others have for years. You can see this not only in this play but in several others such as Fool for Love and Savage/Love. In both of these plays as well you see issues that come up in relationships, including some that are quite controversial like the ideas presented in Fool for love of love between siblings Sam Shepard is a truly bold playwright that doesn’t fear addressing issues that others shy away from. He exposes all the raw ugliness of American life. But then, at the same time, this is something a lot of us need. We need to hear the hard truth, to be exposed to difficult situations so that when they come up in our own lives, we will be prepared. Shepard does this for us which is why he really is so important as a playwright
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