Comparing Joint Application Development And Development

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Comparing Joint Application Development and Rapid Application Development Zetao Hou 10629435 Saint Joseph’s University Abstract This paper discuss what Joint Application Development and Rapid Application Development are respectively. And then compare the differences and similarities between two methods. For last part, talks about Joint Application Development is more valuable in Ipsos in China marketing research company. Joint Application Development Joint Application Development is a method that combines product development, management and focus group to build a product. IBM created the Joint Application Development technique in 1970’s (Alan Cline, 2000). The main function is…show more content…
The first one is executive sponsor, who is from customers’ organization and has authority to make ultimate decision for the project. The responsibilities of executive sponsor are resolving business conflicts between users and company, setting the landscape of JAD process, ensuring project team get in touch with right users and obtaining credibility of users. In other words, executive will help JAD team to work smoothly. The second one is facilitator who is keystone for the project success. Facilitator need have strong knowledge for the product and capacity to capture requirement from users. The responsibility of a JAD facilitator are: organizing JAD activities and making plan, guiding the activities, weakening dispute, encouraging users’ participation, making sure the meeting content in the right way, summarizing the meeting and decision making. The most important point is facilitator should not have his/her own interest to Joint Application Development outcome, should be neutral and objective. For example, JAD facilitator is usually from product technology team, he/she would be familiar with the goal of team or the company. In this way, facilitator will affect JAD session outcome by language and gesture. Based on these considering, facilitator must be objective and understand when and how to ask right question to get most efficient answer. The next one is
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