Comparing Sophia And Aiden Jones

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Sophia and Aiden Jones were extremely close. They were in and out of foster homes all their life. No one would adopt them so each foster home stay in was brief. Most were awful but none could compare to the Evan’s family home they stayed in last. Each night Sophia and Aiden would come home from school to yelling and screaming. Mr. Evans would constantly threaten and abuse them. After a few months, Sophia had had enough and decided to stand up for herself and fight back. Mr. Evans got home from work late that night falling head over heels drunk. Sophia and Aiden had set the table ready for dinner. Mr. Evans stumbling over walked towards Aiden. He took one look and with no reason and punched him right in the face. Sophia raged with anger …show more content…

Everyone would wake up, do house work, go to school, come home and then do more chores then go to bed. Each girl had a different role. One would cook dinner, one would mop the floors, one would clean the bathrooms etc. The only day they were aloud to leave was on Tuesdays where they would sometimes have group excursions or visitation days where people they know could come and visit them. Each year they would hold an annual fundraiser to generate funds to keep the group home running. The fundraiser would attract a few sponsors and some neighbors suspicious about the girls as most of them had come from prison. A few weeks passed and Sophia was slowly settling in but still miserable and terrified about Aiden stuck in the Evans home. Leading up to the fundraiser everyone cleaned the group home and got it organized for the fundraiser. On the day of the fundraiser many people came one of which was a rich businesswomen named Mrs Jenn Sanders and her daughter Kylie. Kylie and Sophia looked complexly alike and were the spitting image of each other making everyone shocked. Sophia gave Kylie a tour around the home and they continued to talk for the rest of the day. Kylie and Sophia got on so well she invited Sophia out to spend a day with her and her mother on their yacht. Sophia was delighted and couldn’t believe her luck. Before she knew it it was Tuesday, the day she was going out on Kylie and Mrs Sanders yacht. She got dressed up and was

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