Comparing Story Of An Hour 'And Stop All The Clocks'

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The Portrayal of Death In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Choppin and “Stop all the Clocks” by W.H. Auden the theme of death brings each text to life. There are more characters in the story than the poem, however both text portray death differently. In “The Story of an Hour,” Louise Mallard is the main character. She has just been informed that her husband was in a train accident and wants to be alone in her room. She copes by gazing out the window embracing the appearance of spring. In “Stop all the Clocks,” a male loses his love one and wants to cope with complete silence. The male is the only character besides his dead love one. In “The Story of an Hour, “Richards, Louise’s husband’s friend, had overheard while in the newspaper office that there had been a train wreck. Brently Mallard, Louise’s husband, name was on the top of the list and…show more content…
However, Josephine though she was mourning about the loss of her husband. To make her sister happy she decided to leave the room and head downstairs. She did not know there was a surprise guest making an appearance. Brently Mallard appeared which cause her to become shock. Her being shocked resulted in her death. She celebrated his death too early and therefore couldn’t handle his reappearance. The only way she could consider herself free is to die. In “Stop all the Clocks”, a male is mourning for his lost love one. He wants complete silence as the funeral is in session. The male is very upset that his love one is not on this earth anymore. The male’s lost love on is also a male which shocks readers. This shocks readers because homosexuality wasn’t normal during this time period. By the setup of the poem, you can tell that the speaker is angry. However, I do not believe he is angry at a person. I believe he is just very upset that his love one is not here with him. Also since he is gay it may be hard to handle his sexuality alone without any
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