Comparing Two Articles on Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Compare/Contrast Two Articles on Sleep Deprivation

Many times people think they can accomplish more if they could eliminate so much sleeping time. However, they are only hurting their productivity if they lose sleep. Two articles deal with the issue of sleep deprivation. The College Student Journal published an article about the grade-point average of college students and sleep length, while U.S. News & World Report produced an article dealing with the lack of sleep in America and its effects on performance. The articles gave different types of results from different kinds of data with different degrees of definiteness. In spite of their differences, both articles showed that lack of sleep is a cause for decreased …show more content…

At first the volunteers spent nearly eleven hours sleeping to catch up on their accumulated sleep debt, an average of seventeen hours per person. By the end the volunteers were averaging what appeared to be an ideal level of eight hours and fifteen minutes of sleep. Another study, conducted by Eve
Van Cauter, a sleep researcher at the University of Chicago, published a report in which healthy young people spent three weeks in a sleep lab. The first week they were in bed eight hours, the second week four hours, and the third week twelve hours. During the sleep-deprived second week the patients showed signs of a pre-diabetic state caused by the impaired tolerance of glucose. In addition, the pancreas was less able to produce enough insulin because the central nervous system became more active.
Also, sleep-deprived young people can develop hormonal changes that make them look much older than they actually are. Older people have lower levels of cortisol as do sleep-deprived young people. Cortisol normally drops to a low level in the evening to help the body prepare for sleeping.
The levels gradually rise overnight while peaking just before morning. The rise in the hormone energizes the body for the following day. However, low levels of cortisol may be due to a lack of sleep time (Brink 62-72).

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