Comparing and Contrasting "The Ring" and "Ringu"

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There are two main differences between the movies, The Ring, and Ringu that make them stand apart from eachother. The Ring was more believable and seemed to me to be more of a horror movie, than Ringu. Because of these points, I heavily favored The Ring.

There were many things in the plot and even in the actors themselves that made Ringu seem less believable as a story, and as equally less believable as a horror movie. First, the psychic storyline in Ringu seemed farfetched and rather ridiculous. There are three characters in the movie with powers, and it seems to be more of an episode of X-Men than a realistic story plot. It seems as though, with this plot, that this movie would fit better into the fantasy section of your local
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My favorite line in the movie is, "before you die, you see the ring." This makes a direct correlation between the video and the video watcher's experiences. While watching Ringu, I found myself to be lost at times, wondering where exactly the movie was going, and what the images in the video even meant. Without the correlation between the video and the actors' lives, the movie is not tied together enough. Had I not seen The Ring before Ringu, I would not be able to say exactly what the movie was even about. Aside from tying the movie together, the videos themselves were very different in creativity and detail also. The images shown in the video of The Ring were frightening and horrific, like a horror movie should be. A viewer could tell what they were, and while they watched they could think to themselves, "Oh now here is where that fits in." In Ringu, nobody was clear what the image was or why it was there. The recurring hooded man bothered me the most. I could not decided whether I was seeing a member of the KKK or someone dressing up as a ghost a little early for Halloween this year. The images were not nearly as horrific as those in The Ring, and they were rather boring. This element also added to the confusion of the movie.

Another aspect that weakened Ringu, were the actors. It seemed as though the actors in The Ring, were perfect for their part and did a wonderful job. However, in Ringu,
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