Comparing the Life of a Dog and the Life of a Cat

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There are very great comparisons between the life of a dog and that of a cat (Williams, 1994). Their two lives behave their similarities and also they had differences. In this case, we are hence going to study deep on the two animal’s lives.
The dog’s main activity or role is the provision of security needs in the society. The dogs hence are able to alarm in case of danger during the day or even during the night. In case of anything suspicious, the dog alarms by barking over and over. In some cases, the dog also attacks if agitated. This hence is very advantageous as it leads to provision of good security.
For a dog to have a good health, they must be fed very well. Dogs are carnivores. In this case, they are fed on meat. They must be served appropriately to ensure that each one of them gets the good health. Healthy dogs are very important even in the case where dogs are kept as pets.
The life of a cat is also more or less the same (Williams, 1994). A cat’s life is mainly for companionship where the cat plays various roles such as keeping away small pests from the house. This is verity important since it enables the cat owner live a better and organized life void of any arguments.
Cats are very wonderful creatures especially if well cared of. This means that the cats should also be kept very healthy for their good life. Cats are similar to the dogs in that they are carnivores. Cats kept as pets should be taken greater case of it in the long run.
The two are also very

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