Comparison Between Uk And French Degree

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Comparison between UK and French Degree


It is of certain that across Europe young people are calculating between joining degree courses and other activities. In the European region, attainment of university degrees does not mean direct employment for graduates. Graduates in the European region may consider paying over 9000 pounds. With unemployment levels across Europe on a dramatic decrease over the last decades means that the entry level for graduate has been on a decrease (Reay, David & Ball, 2005). Across the region, many students will be way up their studies before they realize that their degrees will not give them a comparative advantage.
Moreover, investing in degrees in some countries is a risky investment. In countries such as Italy and France, degree certificates are often tarnished. With such eventualities, students in such countries would rather not invest in education. In France, the entry level for students in first year degree programs is 48%. Of this number, 38% proceed to complete the programs (Arias Ortiz & Dehon, 2013). Therefore, in order for students to remain relevant in the European and the global market various strategies are employed. Students improve the strength of their degree credential by joining masters as well as postgraduate programs.
Current state of programs
In relation to statistics on the United Kingdom, degree programs are considerable popular investments.
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