Comparison Of Racism In History Essay

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Comparison of Racism in History

“ I have a dream... where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.';
-Martin Luther King Jr.

We have come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Our cities are filled with numerous minority groups with different religions and cultures. We live in a multicultural society where we don’t have to think about hate crime too much. We can feel safe when going to the corner store without being pasteurized by a mob of “haters';. We live in a very safe country, but instances during the World Wars make us pray that non-of that will ever happen in Canada again.

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The Canadian government was fearful of Japanese spies on the coast of Vancouver. So the government decided to tally up all the Japanese within a hundred miles of the coast and put them into interment camps. Although the military said that Canadian Japanese were not a threat to Canada, the government felt it was “necessary'; to deport all the non-citizens. This is what Joy writes about in her novel.

The novel and the play are similar because they focus around one main minority group and their problems. It would seem, in these stories, that when Canada is faced with a crisis, the government takes command and sometimes encourages racism. All the racism in Canada is just like racism throughout the world: people getting hurt for no other reason than they can help. These two stories reflect how racism made lives of non-whites suffer because of hate. This hate does not have to be there, but sometimes people feel there is no choice but to hate.

Other similarities like the setting tells the history behind what Vancouver is today. Although Vancouver’s past is filled with many discriminating stories, it now occupies many nationalities and races. This shows how racism can be over come and that’s how it should be. Another similarity that both have in common are the fact that both authors

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