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There are three main theories of counselling: Person Centred Counselling, C. Rogers, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, A Beck and Psychodynamic, S. Freud. These theories work well on their own but there are commonalities and differences between them. This essay will compare and contrast the three theories

There is concept of the person within the three schools. Rogers’ hypothesis was that everybody has the resource within them of self understanding and the ability to self heal. Person centred counselling will look into the past, present and also to the future with the client to address as many issues that may need to be dealt with. This process then changes their self
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The persons thoughts, memories or problems are repressed and placed in our unconscious.

The comparison with origins is that both Rogers and Freud use the personality of mind in relation to the person repressing memories or happenings within the unconscious. These issues need to be brought to the forefront to move forward.

Rogers’ formulation of the problem is that we all have an organismic self this is the real inner person and is present from birth. It aims to make you grow and achieve self actualisation and will move you towards a better and happier integrated life with others. The phenomenal field includes everything that has been experienced at any time. A part of this field changes and becomes the Self. It develops through interactions, awareness and functions of the person. Connected to the development of self concept and self actualisation there is a need for self regard, self concept and self esteem.

With the change of self concept and self actualisation (SFBT) this gives the person the ability to realise their own potential. Core beliefs when place creates the ideal environment which allows the client to explore. With this comes self awareness of who they really are. Reality could also be an issue as they may not like what they see or who they are. This self concept is important as it relates the person’s individual perception. This is gained in early
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