Comparison of Apple and MatsSoft

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Comparison of Apple and MatsSoft on Basis of Various Strategies of Branding
Branding and Positioning Strategy of Apple and MatSsoft
For many years the product strategy of Apple is involved for creating many innovative products which are aligned with the strategy of “digital hub” (www.marketingmindscom). The core competence of the company is on delivering the exceptional experience with the user interfaces. The company has the strategy of branding which focuses on the emotions. The brand personality of Apple is about the imagination, lifestyle, innovation, passion through technology.
For the sales promotion strategy this company knows what is best. This company uses the short term techniques for persuading the members of the target
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For example the company reports that almost half of the computer sales are made to the people who are new to the Macintosh, and the sales of the company have been growing since 2006. The efforts of the company have been superb since 2007, when it launched the iPod (Dalrymes 2007).
This company has made efforts to make the brand memorable, easily recognizable in the eyes of the end customers. The product has been delivered in superior quality and reliability. The equity of the brand is positive if people are ready to pay more for the branded product than the generic one.
This company has high brand awareness and thus has a high market share till date. On the other hand the company MatSsoft is still on the verge of creating new market through rebranding process. The company has redefined their website altogether in a new way, which in future might be creating large brand equity for the company. The product launched by this company is new and thus the company is still in the process of creating huge market for that product (
Both the companies have been competing in the electronics industry, since a long time and for the marketers the company is also making its presence felt to the rival Google Company in the market of advertising, via the apps business.
The similarities could be that both the companies capture high end customers as the products are not sold
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