Swot Analysis : Frozen Yogurt Essay

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C3. SWOT Analysis: S (Strengths) 1. Decline in competitor popularity – As frozen yogurt seems to have reached its maximum tier, this creates an opportunity for an ice cream business to obtain more of the market share. 2. Unique business model – expanding on the self-service trend with a unique twist and custom pricing options will be appealing to all consumers. 3. Experience and skill of managing partners – combined experience in business of over 40 years with proven skills and ability to successfully run and maintain a business and achieve maximum profit potential. W (Weaknesses) 1. Brand awareness – being a newcomer in the market will create difficulty in gaining acknowledgement; however, I feel we have a terrific product and a solid business model that will eventually speak for itself. 2. Workforce – we are still sourcing candidates to fulfill our staffing needs, but I am confident that our stringent selection process will result in hiring the most capable workforce possible. 3. Season high/low volume business – frozen desserts gain more popularity during the months of June through September, with a decline throughout the remainder of the year. We will need to explore potential alternatives that will aid in maintain and/or increasing sales during low volume seasons. O (Opportunities) 1. B2B – our company can expand into the distribution of product by exploring ice cream wholesaler opportunities. 2. Franchising – considering options to franchise Sundae Magic, LLC is

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