Competency : Managing Stress And Stress Management

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Entry #1 Competency: Managing Stress Developmental Need: I need to improve on my ability to manage my stress. Often, I find myself feeling anxious about working with others, especially within group projects where I am not familiar with the work style of my teammates. As such, encounter stressors negatively affect my ability to focus on the task at hand. For example, I grew increasingly worried about the cohesiveness of my group because we needed to collect materials, figure out times to meet and film the project. When stressed, I tend to act moody around others and panic over the amount of work I have rather than managing my time effectively, which negatively affects my ability to work with others and accomplish tasks. Course Material: After reviewing the stress cycle and stress management practices, I chose to implement the stressor-directed primary prevention technique. Further reflection on the situation helped me understand that my main time stressor is work overload. Application: In order to manage my stress levels, I implemented both emotional and task-focused coping. To start, I used constructive self-talk and trained myself using the capacities of psychological capital. I specifically focused on confidence, despite knowing I am capable of being an effective and useful group member in group projects, I often worry about other team members’ competencies. I used mastery/success experiences to think about the times I have been in groups where we were successful in our
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