Competition Is Healthy, But Not Too Much

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Competition is healthy, but not too much. “Just as competition is used to motivate people in a variety of educational and business settings, it can be used to motivate your athletes in sport situations as well” (Burton) However, negative outcomes are not always the case. Athletics teaches essentials children need to be exposed to at a young age. Playing sports helps students to stay fit, stay out of trouble, and keep their grades up. If budgets cut athletics, it would do more harm than good. Reducing funding for athletics would negatively impact the overall student performance of academics and life lessons athletics teach. Supporting high school athletics are critical to the development of adolescence. Anyone can be book smart, but street smart comes from sports. Academics are important, but to become a well-rounded student sports are critical. Instead of getting rid of something that is expensive, schools should be putting more effort into fundraising for it. “Rather than reducing funds, schools should be considering ways to increase student participation in what could be one of the most essential aspects of student’s education: sports” (Kalamazoo Gazette Staff). For an example, athletics keep many men in school, especially ‘borderline gang-bangers.’ Coaches serve as an important role model for boys who do not have a father figure in their lives. Jerelene Wells, principal of Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, observed and stated, “Minority young people…. particularly

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