John Lewis

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{draw:frame} Introduction A chain of Retail stored, based in Great Britain, first opened its store in 1864 in Oxford Street, London. “Never Unknowingly Unsold” an altogether different concept in the market and offering to the customers holds a promise that the price of the products sold in John Lewis Stores will be the lowest in the neighborhood which even helped John Lewis to establish strongly in the British Market basically more amongst the middle class people. It has also been the motto and the slogan for the company for 76 years, since its establishment. A partner of John Lewis Partnership which even includes other stores like Waitrose, Greenbee. Every Employee who works at John …show more content…

Employee Satisfaction Every employee who works in John Lewis is a partner in the business. The profit is shared amongst the partners named as bonus, which motivates the employees to work harder being more focused and determined. An Individual’s brilliance, determination and zeal to work which showers fruitful results are rewarded separately. Customer Satisfaction John Lewis recruits only those people who know how to work with integrity, determination while abiding by the principles laid down, which helps John Lewis to provide customers with a different and homely shopping experience in their stores. The prices, quality and value of the goods is different from the other stores in the surroundings which helps in attracting more and more customers to their stores thus building a strong customer base and bond and even a brand image and goodwill for itself Strategic Planning Strategic planning is an integral process of an organization defining its strategies and direction and making decisions to allocate available resources to peruse laid strategies, which provides the organizations which a competitive edge over their competitors. Strategies formulated by John Lewis top level management are basically targeting at 3 core goals, they being:- Personal Satisfaction of the Employees Strong customer base, brand value and goodwill. Sufficient Profits yearly. Strategic planning included SWOT analysis,

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