Competitive Advantages Of Unilever Food Solutions

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Chapter 2 -Strategic scope & competitive advantage of Unilever Food Solutions
2.1 Where do Unilever Food Solutions compete?
UFS is focused on industrial marketing as they do business to business sales (B2B) where as they do not offer readymade food solutions to consumers. Looking at the current strategic scope of UFS they do not compete in the consumer market. They mainly target Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers which are falling in to ‘premium’ category.
For Hotels from 7 stars to 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars and for the restaurants from fast food channels such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s UFS offer their food solutions. Other fine dining restaurants such as Dine More, Chinese Dragon also demands for UFS products. Further their products are …show more content…

Figure 3: Perceptual Mapping

Source: Authors’ Work based on Shafraz Sallay - Finance Business partner (2017) 2.2 How do UFS compete?
They wish to gain competitive advantage by providing ‘premium products and services’ with ‘innovative’ food solutions for their customers ‘on time’. UFS carries out below activities to deliver competitive advantage over rivals.
Table 1: Activities and their Purpose
Activity Purpose
Continuous R&D - High Involvement of R&D team towards product development. To improve products’ quality continuously even with little value additions.
Purchase raw materials only from registered and approved suppliers from global headquarters. Ensure the superior product quality with guaranteed service on time.
Maintaining an internal kitchen & a training center for chefs This helps product development as internal chefs can freely do experiments and explore new food solutions
Build and maintain a sales force which is highly talented in marketing as well as cooking To grab new business opportunities over their competitors
Entire operational work flow is handled through ‘SAP’ ERP system. Ensure effective supply chain

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