Competitors of Honda

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Japanese car are getting more and more popular in these few decades. In 2007, Japan turned into the world’s largest vehicle producer and became one of main players in international vehicle industry (Jeffrey Hays 2009). For instance, Honda, a well-known Japanese vehicle producer, it is also one of the best car sellers in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd was born in 15 November 2000 as a result of the formation of partnership between Honda Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan, DRB-HICOM Berhad and Oriental Holdings Berhad. It produces a wide range of product besides car, motorcycles, automobiles, power products (such as motorboats), aircraft engines (HondaJet), humanoid robot (ASIMO), fuel cell vehicles and solar films. The company promised to…show more content…
iii) Contributes to society by preserving the environment and improve community services and etc. For Toyota, their slogan is “moving forward”, it means continuous improvement. Today, Toyota Malaysia is the third car brand with most market share. Toyota and Honda has a lot of similarity, not only in terms of the place they originate but in terms market position for their product. They both are producing passengers’ vehicle as their main product. Moreover, they both focus on medium five-seat car. The Toyota Vios was ranked no.6 for the best 30 selling car models on year to May 2012, 13846 units had sold (5.9% market share). Meanwhile, Honda City was rank no.18 with 1971 of units sold (0.8% market share). Despite the mechanical aspect, both cars share similar feature. For example, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), dual airbags, body structure that reduce impact of crash and etc. In terms of specification, Honda City is more superior. However, Vios is 7 times more than City in sales volume. On the other hand, Toyota holds 17.4% of market share in the first half of 2012 and Honda only gets 3.4%. Why such a huge disparity does exist? It can be answer in two aspects. First, Toyota has cheaper selling price in general. Second, Toyota Malaysia was founded 13 years earlier than Honda. This would help Toyota get more loyal customer. Recently, both companies are putting more effort and attention in hybrid car. For example: Toyota Prius and Honda Civic
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