Components Of A Product Recall Coordinator

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7.3 These facts and related information will include:
A. Item Number or UPC code and label information
B. Type of deficiency or issue
C. Customer and location involved
D. Invoice numbers
E. Quantity of people affected and their condition
8.0 The Product Recall Coordinator will also obtain the name, agency or customer and the phone numbers of the persons making the notification. If the notification is coming from the FDA, it is important to determine the status of the investigation. This situation requires a product recall swift action to assist the governmental agency in their investigation, so that the cause of the concern can be identified and, if found to be an Aii problem, corrected immediately.
9.0 If the potential health hazard is …show more content…

Summarize of the facts and situation related to the potential quality issue or health hazard.
B. Item codes / UPC, work order and invoice numbers for product(s) in question.
C. Initial evaluation of the scope of the problem and focus of customer/ FDA ongoing investigative efforts.
D. Key contact identification and phone numbers
The Traceability / Recall Committee tasks are the planned maintenance and improvement of the operation’s Traceability / Recall program.
The Traceability / Recall committee shall meet annually to review mock Trace back / Trace forwards and mock recalls and evaluate the program and its parts as well as develop and implement necessary corrective actions and/or preventative actions. Topics discussed and meeting notes are filed, along with those members in attendance.

11.0 Process:
11.1 The following process delineates Aii’s traceability from incoming components through our value chain.
a) All incoming components are assigned an item number and a control number (internal lot number). The PO information is used to begin the trace back process to the supplier; for component identification purposes a label with the Purchase Order Number, Item Number, u/m, quantity, date and time is placed on the bottom right of each pallet or case if single case for identification purposes.
b) The receiving warehouse foreman then keys into ROI (IPH) system the PO as its unique identification; all pertinent component information including supplier data, incoming

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