Components Of Albert Bandura's Optional Six Personality Types Theory

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According to John Holland, PH.D., a psychologist who devoted his entire professional life to researching issues related to career choice and also a professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University, if you can match your job personality type and your work environment; you can improve your success and satisfaction. To put it simply from a job personality standpoint is just like the idea of “birds of the same feather, flock together,” we just need to replace the variable “bird” with “people;” and that people with the same personality type tend to enjoy working with each other. For example, a sociable person enjoys working with other sociable people. Same personality type …show more content…

It considers that people learn from one another, including such concepts as observational learning, imitation, and modeling. There are three key components to Bandura’s social learning theory (Abbott, n.d.) observational learning, imitation, and behavior modeling (Bruner, 1990; Wood, Bruner, & Ross, 1976). Bandura’s social learning theory is based on the idea that observational learning involves the fact that humans often cannot learn for themselves. The learner has the power to influence their learning in new situations by controlling the surrounding environment — whether that environment is imposed, selected or constructed (Bandura 1999). (Hathaway, Muse, & Althoff, 2007, p. …show more content…

It is possible that it is affected by family or close friends of the students depending on the circumstances. The student shows inconsistency during the stage of choosing or decision-making.
The variable interest is personal preferences based on the enthusiasm of the student in choosing a specific strand based on his or her preferred personal interest or mindset. A student is not directly affected by the influence of people around him or her. They stay committed to their personality based on the given fact that they are not conveyed by the decision of others and no matter what the circumstances may arise; they remain truthful in their behavior while choosing.
The variable decision is the behavior and the reaction of a student in a given circumstance where he/she will be affected by the external factor (influence) or remain true to his personal growth (interest) while making a selection from the different strands in Senior High School. Many factors will affect the circumstances in decision phase like the lack of confidence of the student to pursue his/her own interest so thereby contemplating on the influence of his/her environment. The mindset of the student to stay committed on his/her desired strand no matter what happens, and also lastly, the perception of the student to be neutral or choose the one or

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