Computer And Computer Science

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In today’s society, computers and computer science play a large role in everyday life whether it be at work, at school or during personal time. In this paper the history of the computer, the science of them and its incorporation into school will be explored. The topic that the exploration will start with is the history of the Computer and computer science between 1936, starting with Alan Turing and his Universal Turing Machine, leading through Bell Laboratory and all the advances through and into present day. This will lead into the connection between the computer and education and how education was changed with the incorporation of computers. The final part explains the problems that has surrounded computers and the study of computer science since their creations and how the solutions were formed over the years and how they continue to change the face of computer science, like the first models being as large as small buildings or a more recent issue of the limited diversity of computer science. Without computers and computer science, schooling today would be very much different than it is today. Computers have an extensive history in education and the goal of this paper is to present that information. In 1936 one the first concept of a computer was developed by Alan Turing, the Universal Turing Machine(UTM). Before Turing, there were only theories about computing machines that could do simple calculations but there were not any functioning models. However

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