Mathematical Connection Essay

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Mathematical Connection Mathematics has had an incredible impact on technology as we know it today. Understanding this impact aids in understanding the history of how technology has developed so thoroughly and what significant events happened to facilitate such an advanced society. A better understanding can be derived by analyzing the historical background on the mathematicians, the time periods, and the contributions that affected their society and modern society as well as specific examples of how the mathematical developments affected society. Math had and has a great impact in technology. During the 20th century mathematics made very quick advances on all fronts. Mathematics sped up the development of symbolic logic as the …show more content…

John Von Neumann -(1903-1957) was born in Hungary and studied in Switzerland, Budapest and Berlin. In 1930 he immigrated to the United States to teach at Princeton University. Neumann contributions were his development of the game theory as a new branch in mathematics. He is also known for his contributions to the theory and design of electronic computers.

Alan Turing – (1912-1954) A British mathematician educated at Cambridge and Princeton universities. He introduced the concept of a theoretical computing device when his published the paper named "On Computable Numbers" in 1936. Turing was a pioneer working in computer theory; he expanded his research studying artificial intelligence and biological forms.

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz – Gottfried Leibniz was born on July 1, 1646 in Leipzig, Saxony Germany. He died November 14 1716 in Hannover, Hanover Germany. In the seventy years that he lived he, he has accomplished many things as a mathematician, philosopher, scientist, engineer, lawyer, moralist, theologian, philologist, and sinophile. As a philosopher, Leibniz wrote the Théodicée in 1710. As a scientist and engineer, his writings are included in Gerhardt's Mathematical Writings. Leibniz

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