Computer Application Technology For Home Automation

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Home automation refers to the adaptation of the computer application technology to control the in house appliances [7], thereby making the appliances automated. Home automation has always been a field which is in need of constant development and with the technology picking up its pace with respect to its growth since last decade, there has been a severe need for development in the field of home automation [6].

Addressing to the problem of automating the home is important because it enhances the quality of the occupant’s life style by providing many services such as increase in security, energy conservation and ease of handling various appliances. The potential to reduce human efforts in doing certain things makes this field not only an interesting one but also an important one [7]. Even though there had been a greater scope with respect to the development in the field of home automation, there is no solution till now that had got a broader acceptance [5]. This paper attempts to analyze and compares various solutions proposed in different articles and discuss the effectiveness of each solution on the home automation system. The solutions that this paper discusses are: Web based solution, Java Based solution, 3D Virtual World system based solution, Zigbee based solution and Mobile or GSM based Home Automation solution.
This paper consists of three sections. Section II not only discusses each solution’s core idea, effectiveness and feasibility, but also discusses the…
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