Computer Network Management

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The Basics of Network Management

In the computer world, networks are the primary means of inter-computer communications. The building and maintenance of a network is the responsibility of the network manager. The network manager must have the expertise to design and implement an appropriate network for his client. The proper design of a network is based on more than a few principles. However, the job of the network manager encompasses more than simply building a useable network, although that is the end result. The network manager must have many characteristics in order to fulfill his job. After years of training, a network manager will know how to select the proper network topology for the client. After some investigation into
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Useful information includes: which departments need data storage and how much, which departments communicate with one another, how much data is exchanged, are there any special periods of high data transmission, such as peak periods and large batch transmissions. After evaluating what each department needs, a design can be drawn. The throughput must also be compared with the physical distance in order to determine the proper transmission media. The ever-popular copper wire is best for short inter-office communications. For cross-country communications a better choice would be fiber optics. Another candidate for cross-property communications is free space light or radio. After building the network, a series of objective tests must be conducted. The client needs to be certain that the network design will fulfill the company’s needs. If there were any mistakes in the plan for the network, they may not surface yet. Sophisticated tests of the network will help the network manager to troubleshoot any problems. Once all glitches have been corrected and the client is satisfied, the network is complete. At this point the network is ready to be managed. The elements of the network are the equipment, databases, and connections. Insuring that these components work seamlessly together is the function of network management. Proactive maintenance uses
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